Environmental Compliance Assistance Platform

The ultimate goal of the Environmental Compliance Assistance Platform (EnvCAP) is to help industry comply with environmental regulations.  EnvCAP uses collaboration to approach that goal.

Every industry sector has information providers who have developed a detailed understanding of the sector's environmental rules.  EnvCAP is dedicated to using the resources of the Internet to help those providers deliver the information most effectively and efficiently.


EnvCAP is partnering with a broad range of trade and professional organizations and government agencies to create compliance assistance resources for a variety of sectors.  The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS), an industry consortium specializing in cross-sector collaboration, operates EnvCAP for the benefit of the regulated community and their compliance assistance providers.  EnvCAP receives support from the U.S. EPA�s Office of Enforcement and Compliance (OECA).

For more information on ENVCAP, contact Lisa Stobierski at NCMS.

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Also, Visit the National Compliance Assistance Centers
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has sponsored various partnerships to launch sector-specific Compliance Assistance Centers (Centers). Each Center addresses real world issues in language that speaks to the regulated entities. Existing centers include: Agriculture, Auto Repair, Chemical, Federal Facilities, Local Government, Metal Finishing, Paints and Coatings, Printed Wiring Board, Printing, and Transportation.

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