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Twenty-four (24) states are covered entirely by the federal OSHA program.

In Oregon, OR-OSHA (the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division) administers the OSEAct and enforces Oregon's occupational safety and health rules. These rules establish minimum safety and health standards for all industries and outline specific standards for individual industries such as logging and agriculture. In 1987, the Oregon Legislature passed new laws to increase worker protection and to define new areas of responsibility for employers and workers' compensation insurance companies. This legislation broadened OR-OSHA's role in occupational safety and health, reflecting the philosophy that one of the most important ways to help reduce workers' compensation costs is to lower the incidence of occupational injuries, illnesses, and fatalities. In May 1990, the importance of occupational safety and health was again highlighted by making the prevention of workplace injuries, illnesses, and fatalities a major component of workers' compensation reform. This was accomplished, in part, by requiring safety committees to become a factor in the way Oregon employers do business. As a result, safety committees are mandatory for all businesses with 11 or more workers and for small businesses with 10 or fewer workers in hazardous occupations such as logging and construction.

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